anthology smackdown

I recently (well, kind of recently) wrote on Hanoi Grapevine about Strange Roots: Views of Hanoi, an anthology of expatriate writing from the Hanoi Writers’ Collective. That anthology inspired me to dig through my library and various boxes of old stuff looking for my copy of another Hanoi anthology, Once A Book A Time, edited by Elliot Samuels and Connla Stokes in 2003.

The Hanoi Grapevine piece was kind of long and hence posted in three parts. You can read about the new anthology in Part 1, some amateur historifying about the earlier anthology in Part 2, and then of course the head-to-head anthology smackdown section (well, a bit of a comparison at least) in Part 3.

As a kind of companion post, here are some photos of various Tay Nostalgia items I dug out while searching through my rather dusty and disorganized archives.

Books and other literary products of the Hanoi expats

Books, postcards and Connla Stokes’ manifesto ‘The Necessity for Flippancy’. On a bookmark!

Muc: What's on in Hanoi, circa 2002

Copies of Muc, the Hanoi weekly event listing from back when it all fit on a narrow folded strip of paper. Circa 2002.

Hanoi self-published book covers

Self-published books from 2002 and 2003. For the chap-book connoisseurs and trainspotters, printing and binding were carried out by a permanently pajama-clad chap down a small alley off Hang Bong street, using some kind of vinyl sourced from Ha Trung street. 

~ by hanoi ink on January 14, 2012.

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